Here’s something I just discovered that I think is brilliant.

Those of us who travel a lot and/or are already digital nomads know that a lot of the world does not conform to the house number and street address systems we are used to in our native country.

The fact is, most of the world has a system that relies on local knowledge to find specific places.

While latitude and longitude will pinpoint any place, it’s pretty hard to work with numbers that run seven or eight decimal places and occur in positive and negative notation.

According to one of the founders: “…asking people to meet at the likes of 40.7127753, -74.0059728 was just too unreliable. Entering 16 numbers into a device, or even sharing them over a phone call, can pretty easily go wrong.”

So Simple It’s Genius

So now there’s a company with an idea so simple it’s genius.

The have blanketed the entire globe with a grid of squares only 3 meters by three meters and given each individual square a name that has only three words.

That it!

Three words is all you need to find any place on the globe, whether it’s in Antarctica, the middle of the Pacific Ocean, or your exact beach chair on an island in Thailand.

So here’s a spot in Las Vegas where many of us might have watched the Fountains of Bellagio.


Zooming in, you can see an exact square labeled ///notice.pilots.yoga that is inside a viewing bay along the sidewalk.


If you wanted to stand exactly where I was when I took this photo in Canada you’d need to go to ///sealed.payoff.lines


About 10 years ago (note old Macbook) Connie was sitting in Belize with a drink from our favorite beach bar on earth, Coco Locos. ///eventful.enriching.resonates


Here’s a photo I took in an obscure, nameless alleyway in Pattaya, Thailand. ///weaved.recent.likes



Free to You and Me

End users like you and me can just download the apps to our devices.

Businesses like Uber, AirB&B and others are already licensing the tech as a way for people to pinpoint where they are or where they want to go.

Today we’re walking around Vienna, Austria and the app will show us where we are with “what.three.words” and will even navigate us with Apple Maps.

The world is changing and tech solutions like this are making a better life possible for people who embrace the new freedoms.




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