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2018 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals

(Time Sensitive:  This page will be blank on Tuesday, 27th.)

This is an opportunity to buy something that MAKES you money, instead of just costing you money.

This year we have four valuable, relevant offers that every person starting an online business needs.


We've used DreamHost for over 10 years. They are one of the top-rated hosting providers and I can tell you firsthand that they are then when you need them.

They have a Black Friday + Cyber Monday offer of 60% off their Unlimited Shared Hosting. When you're getting started you have fairly light traffic at your site and paying for your own, exclusive server would be money down the drain.

So you want Shared Hosting where the cost of a server is divided between you and other websites. This is all invisible to your visitors. Later, when business is flooding in, it's a piece of cake up upgrade. But for now, do the smart thing and get your Shared Hosting for 60% off.

Here is the link:  DreamHost Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sale

     2. YOUR LOGO

This is where we had our Safely Leave the Rat Race logo made. It's a big psychological boost to see your business idea expressed in a profession logo. It's motivating and it makes your abstract idea seem much more tangible.

If you already know your niche and your target market, the folks at 99Designs are giving a $50 discount plus a free bonus worth $99.

This logo offer is for ONLY Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday – $50 Off your Logo Design Contest + Free Power Pack upgrade ($99 value)


When you are on this exciting journey to personal and financial freedom there are many, many questions and concerns that present themselves.

There is no substitute for having experienced people you can ask questions and discuss things with. That's what our community and our mentoring is all about.

For this Black Friday and Cyber Monday we are offering a very special way for you to break the impasse and take a huge step toward building your own source of cash flow online. Get six months of membership at Safely Leave the Rat Race for the price of only three months! That's only $81 for six months of momentum building your own online business. (After six months you can continue month to month for only $27/mo. Cancel any time for any reason.) BONUS: We'll also throw in our new 30-DAY QUICK START email course.

6 months for only $81. (Includes the 30-DAY QUICK START email course mentioned below.)


Not ready to become a member?

Our new 30-DAY QUICK START email course is a big hit. Receive a small task each day for 30 days. You’ll receive an email that explains a particular aspect of choosing and starting your online business. Each day’s task is easily achievable on that day.

In just the first week you will be able to choose what I call a ‘sub-sub-niche’ that is suited to your life experience, personality, and personal interests. Each step is arranged in a logical sequence so that it builds upon previous steps.

Now selling for 60% off – ONLY $37.

All four of these are investments, not expenses. This is how you make money.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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