Three Options For Moving Forward

You already know you want to have your own portable online income – you just need some advice on how to proceed.

It’s time to unlock the biggest value I can offer you: my time.

Here are three ways to do it.


A quick phone call.

One conversation can cover so much more ground and drill into specifics the way email and prerecorded video just cannot.

This is where you can unlock the rare value of speaking to someone who has two decades of earning literally millions of dollars online using multiple business models and living all over the world on terms we deliberately engineered.

You might want to discuss:

  • Selecting the right business for you
  • Selecting a proven sub-sub-niche
  • Consulting/Coaching business set-up and tactics
  • Freelance business model tactics
  • Lucrative E-commerce business models
  • Crafting a business to suit your personal strengths and personality
  • Digital marketing methods and strategies
  • Living internationally with your own nano-economy you own and control

Break the years of impasse. Talk to a person who wants you to succeed.

One 30-Minute Phone Call

Ask Questions – Get Ideas and Advice.
Only $177.


Two calls per month.

Accountability and step-by-step progress at your specific pace.

People really enjoy these ongoing coaching/consultation sessions. Speaking to a person who is a very careful listener and knows what questions to ask is enormously valuable.

    • Discussing the pros and cons of your different ideas
    • Discussing what online business model will be best for your personal objectives
    • How to get past the mental roadblocks that stall people at an impasse for years
    • You and I brainstorming how to engineer an online business so it delivers what’s most important to you
    • Having clear, definite goals and objectives to work on before our next call
    • Feeling a surge of positive creative energy triggered by moving forward with a clear vision of your business
    • This is the antidote to feeling anxious and uncertain about the future
    • You can schedule two 30-minute phone consultation/coaching sessions every 30 days
    • The cost is only $299 per month
    • You can cancel any time you want for any reason you want

Things really change when you talk to someone who will listen and ask questions that lead to clarity.

Every phone call can break through years of uncertainty and hesitation. It can help you find your personal North Star to follow.

You and I will speak twice a month 1-on-1 via private phone call or via Skype audio call to discuss your personal situation, challenges, and objectives.

Every conversation can cover a lot of ground, answer your prepared questions, and drill into particulars that leave you with one or more specific things to do before our next call.

This is where you can unlock the rare value of speaking to someone who has two decades of earning literally millions of dollars online using multiple business models and living all over the world on terms my wife and I deliberately engineered for ourselves.

Two 30-Minute Phone Calls Per Month

Follow Your Plan Step-By-Step.
Monthly Until You Cancel – No Commitment: Stop at any time, for any reason.
Only $299/month, recurring monthly.


Intensive coaching and consulting.

This is our intensive program where we work with you at the most granular level, from the very beginning until you have a business making income.

When building an online business there are always very specific issues that need to be addressed and that you need analysis and feedback for:

  • the look and feel of your website
  • the “story” that you tell your market (a story that must be 100% true, by the way)
  • how and where you build your audience
  • help you locate and analyze your competition, what’s working for them, and where your opportunities are found
  • the price of your product/service
  • what are the top problems that YOUR ideal clients or customers would be dealing with?
  • what solution(s) can you offer that will distinguish YOU from others?
  • what will be the tone and ‘voice’ of YOUR content and the product or service you are selling?
  • there are dozens of these issues.

And along that path you’ll have many other questions. “What should my email funnel say?” “How do I know what content my audience wants?” “What should I say on my ‘About’ page?”

Throughout this journey we can be in constant contact via email and speak on the phone every week. We can steer you around the pitfalls, recommend the best solutions and avoid the fluff, bells, and whistles that are unnecessary. We can read your web pages, your emails, and give you feedback on how to tweak your messaging and make more money.

If you’re serious about getting started, and you have the budget – this is the straightest, shortest path from zero to cashflow.

Month to Month Comprehensive 1-on-1 Mentoring

Close Contact From Zero to Cashflow.
Monthly Until You Cancel.
Only $699/month.