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16 Best Online Consulting Business Ideas For 2022

According to, the consulting industry is worth over $250 billion dollars each year and it’s one of the most mature markets within the professional services industry. It’s not going anywhere and it’s growing. If you have expertise or you’re willing to learn, read on for our top online consulting business ideas for 2022. We’ve taken the time to find some really profitable niches for you.

The consulting sector is predicted to get even more lucrative with a growth forecast of over 80% each year for the next few years. With over a third of American workers freelancing through the pandemic, there’s never been a better opportunity to start your own online consulting business.

What is an Online Consultant?

A consultant is an expert in a given field who works in an advisory role to offer advice and expertise to an individual or an organization. It’s not a new discovery! It has been around for decades. In fact, in 1997, U.S. businesses spent over $12 billion on consultancy services and that number has gone up every year.

With the growth of online businesses each year, the need for business consultants will continue to grow and that’s just the business sector. Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition markets are huge as is Marketing and Advertising.

People need professional guidance setting up and running day-to-day business operations and they need personalized help in the shaping their lives outside of work. And of course, with an online business you can consult from anywhere you’d like. What a perk! The 2020 pandemic showed millions of new people the utility and efficiency of working remotely. All of this points to a rising tide of demand and the need for these online consulting business ideas for 2022 and beyond.

Is An Online Consulting Business Right for You?

Do you like talking to people and helping them meet their goals and solve their problems? Do you have a knack for rooting out inefficiencies? Then consultancy may be for you. With the correct skills, certifications, and licensing, you can start your consultancy business at home. Working remotely, you can help individuals and professionals in your field of experience develop innovative, profitable ideas and streamline their business or their life, or both.

Consulting can be done as a freelance job at first while you’re obtaining your first clients but most consultants have their own website explaining what services they offer who they offer them to.

The website can be up and running within a few days for less than a hundred dollars if you do it yourself. It does take some time to build your reputation so you’ll have to market your services using outreach and social media marketing and even advertising if your budget allows. Email marketing is a proven way to convert prospects into clients as well. Eventually though, you will start to gain traction and gain word of mouth clients. It doesn’t take long to get good testimonials for your services and then you’re well on your way to a profitable consulting business.

Below, we take you through a carefully handpicked list of some of the most in-demand online consulting business ideas that you can execute from the comfort of your home in 2022.

16 Best Online Consulting Business Ideas & Opportunities in 2022

Although you can turn any type of knowledge and experience into a successful consulting venture, here are 16 lucrative online consulting business ideas you should consider heading into 2022:

1. Business Consultant

Business consultants are hired to improve performance and efficiency for brick and mortar and online businesses. They use their expertise in a specific market to analyze a business and identify its problems and challenges.

Using the identified problems, consultants will create recommendations. Consultants can also help create new businesses or revive an existing businesses by implementing drastic policy changes like training employees and supplementing existing staff, etc.

2. Fitness Coach

As an online fitness coach, you can combine systematic coaching and specialized personal fitness training to help your clients achieve their fitness goals.

A fitness coach builds a personal relationship with their clients. Through nutrition and sports training, a coach supports their clients to reach their social, mental, and physical health goals. As a fitness coach, you can develop digital training materials like videos and you can consult with them on the phone. This is a lucrative niche that’s not going away. And the more customized your training is the more money you will make.

3. Wellness Coach

Working as an online wellness coach, you’d be responsible for providing professional fitness and nutrition to help your clients ensure they become healthy. Wellness coaches use integrative approaches to assess their current physical and emotional state and help their clients set positive health lifestyle goals.

A wellness coach helps their client make better general lifestyle choices and create actionable plans geared towards meeting wellness and health goals.

Such goals may include:

    • Losing a few pounds in weight
    • Eat better by incorporating healthy food
    • Quit smoking and alcohol reduction
    • Lower stress levels

4. Nutrition Consulting

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nutrition consultants are a highly in-demand skill. Nutritionists provide professional advice to their clients, educating them on their nutritional needs.

As a nutritionist or registered dietitian (RD), you’ll be tasked with creating eating plans that promote healthy metabolism, improve the immune response, and help the client achieve healthy body weight. As a nutrition consultant, you will obtain your client’s thorough health history by discussing and analyzing their current eating habits and food intake. A nutritional consultant’s dietary programs are created based on their client’s needs and goals. This consulting can done exclusively online.

5. SEO Strategist

As a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategist, you’ll be tasked with maximizing the volume of inbound organic traffic to your client’s website gets from search engines. As an internet marketing expert, an SEO consultant must have an in-depth understanding of digital marketing strategies, inbound marketing, and the Google search engine algorithm’s intricate workings.

SEO consulting is a highly lucrative online consulting business. Each day, hundreds of websites are launched, most of which struggle to rank on search engines due to a lack of internet marketing skills. As an SEO strategist, you’ll be required to perform keyword research, competitor research, optimize content, and other SEO strategies. Implementing these strategies ensures that the content on your client’s website can be easily located through the search of particular keyword phrases on a search engine.

6. Google Ads Specialist

A Google Ads Specialist is a profitable online consulting business idea. Google Ads provide quick and powerful results for clients compared to other marketing strategies that are free but take longer, like SEO.

As a Google Ads Specialist, you’ll offer your services as an online advertising expert to help your client create, manage, and optimize their pay-per-click ad campaigns.

Keyword search, testing different ads, analyzing ad performances, and developing targeted ad landing pages are other duties you’ll have to undertake as a Google Ads specialist. Google Ads are paid marketing campaigns that are aimed at increasing a brand’s online presence and sending paid web traffic directly to the website.

Google offers a certification and professional accreditation to anyone who wants to learn Google ads for the purpose of consulting. You can access Google’s Skillshop here.

7. E-Commerce Consulting

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing retail markets, and it plays a massive role in the economy. It entails buying and selling products and services, making monetary and data transfers over the internet. E-commerce allows people to make transactions without the constraints of time and distance. Through e-commerce, businesses can reach more customers through online channels compared to traditional business setup.

As an e-commerce consultant, you’ll be tasked with analyzing a business and creating an e-commerce plan. The company can plan and target its market segment, track its progress, and make adjustment to increase their profit. Your role as an e-commerce consultant is to create and implement the right conversion strategies to ensure that your clients turn their visitors into customers.

8. Facebook Ads Specialist

Are you certified and experienced running Facebook marketing campaigns? You can run a Facebook Ads consultancy service. Working as a Facebook Ads specialist, you’ll help develop and manage Facebook Ads marketing campaigns.

An Facebook ads specialist creates and tracks the performance of Facebook ad campaigns for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Their clients usually have a monthly budget or a business goal to achieve through the ads work. This is definitely one of those skills that can be self-taught. There are several great courses online that teach Facebook ads.

9. Life Coach

As a life coach, you will seek to empower, encourage, and counsel people to help them meet or exceed their personal and professional goals.

As a professional life coach, you’ll use your experience, enthusiastic support, insight, and objective perspective to maximize your clients’ full potential and help them reach their desired results. By creating an actionable plan, a life coach will help their client attain greater fulfillment in their day-to-day lives by targeting and unlocking their unique skills and gifts.

10. Branding Specialist

Branding consultantBranding consultancy hot niche. Get the message right for a client’s online presence is critical. On average, branding specialists earn anywhere between $150 and $600 per hour. It is also easy to start your branding consultancy from the comfort of your home.

As a branding specialist, you’ll work with the to create a brand identity. By creating unique logos, slogans, colors, targeted advertising, event sponsorships and more, branding specialists help define how customers view a company and the goods or services it offers.

Working as a branding specialist, you’ll help a business distinguish itself from its other competitors. A successful specialist will help develop a brand that positively affects a customer’s purchase decisions.

11. Relationship Coach

As a branch of life coaching, relationship coaching specializes in helping singles and couples achieve greater fulfillment in their relationships. A relationship coach allows people to improve their performance, self-confidence, and life quality by helping their clients identify and achieve their goals.

Working with couples, relationship coaches help them improve their communication and conflict resolution skills. Coaches encourage their clients to have an in-depth self-analysis to discover after long-term dating relationships.

Aa a relationship consultant, you’ll people acquire vital romantic and partnership skills to help deepen their relationship satisfaction.

12. Mental Health Coach

Mental health coaches specialize in treating complex problems like therapists. However, mental health coaches use evidence-based treatment to help clients manage emotions, eliminate harmful thoughts, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve relationship skills. Coaches create strengths-based support to improve the mental health of individuals living with cognitive and behavioral health difficulties.

Mental health coaches help clients struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, scattered thought processes, low self-esteem, mood swings, and depression.

13. Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital marketers convert leads into loyality. Digital marketing consultants identify a target market, create an online brand image, and maintain Internet marketing campaigns. It is the role of a digital marketing specialist to identify the most effective advertising techniques for a client to market their products and service.

Digital marketing consultants create digital marketing strategies, recommend changes to existing strategies to make them effective, and develop new ways of increasing customer engagement for their clients.

In today’s world, where every business wants to have an online presence, digital marketing is a highly lucrative skill and you don’t need a marketing degree to do it. There are many courses online you can take that will teach you digital marketing.

14. Grant Writing and Fundraising Consultant

Instead of hiring a full-time in-house grant writer, most businesses may opt to secure a grant writer and fundraising consultants’ services. These are expert grant writers who will help their clients build better relationships with their funders and write winning grant proposals.

By writing state, federal, and foundation grant applications, proposals, and letters of inquiry on behalf of charities as a fundraising consultant, you can earn over $100,000 per year. To secure funds through grants and fundraising for the clients you represent, you’ll have to create a fundraising service, network to build an alliance with local or national charities and establish a fundraising program. This is a highly sought out consulting niche.

15. Dog Training Consultant

Dog training consultantHow about dog training as online business idea. As a professional dog training consultant, most of your work will be to coach others on how to train their dogs and puppies. As a client-centered consulting business idea, a dog training coach plays a vital role in both human and canine lives. You get paid to do what you love and mosts consultants have an online component to their training in the form of pre-recorded videos or video consulting so, you don’t have to physically be there with the dog to help the family train them.

16. Parenting Expert

As a qualified parenting expert, you will implement skills-based, solution-oriented coaching to help clients achieve family goals. Parenting coaches help families improve their existing relationships with their children. By identifying supportive tools and skills, they help families create the change they need to improve family dynamics.

Need even more online consulting business ideas? Check out the comprehensive guide to online consulting we created that includes even more ideas in different niches for your small business. It also shows you the steps you can take to get up and running with your own consulting business.

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