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Let’s Talk: Using This Opportunity to Choose Your Own Online Business

Let’s Talk: Using This Opportunity to Choose Your Own Online Business

Resist the Negativity and Uncertainty – Do Something Positive and Productive!

Right now billions of us are suddenly and unexpectedly confined to our homes amid a lot of legitimate worries and uncertainties.

Seize the Opportunity in the Crisis

While there is much to dislike about this situation, it also offers an opportunity to do something important that you haven’t had time to do in recent years.
It has also created more time for me to do what I, frankly, do best – get on the phone and help people see the way forward to building their own online business.
And people really enjoy these calls!
  • Discussing the pros and cons of your different ideas
  • Discussing what online business model will be best for your objectives
  • How to get past the mental roadblocks that stall people at an impasse for years
  • You and I brainstorming how to engineer an online business so it delivers what’s most important to you
  • Having clear, definite goals and objectives to work on before our next call
  • Feeling a surge of positive creative energy triggered by moving forward with a clear vision of your business
Things really change when you talk to someone who will listen and ask questions that lead to clarity.
Every phone call can break through years of uncertainty and hesitation. It can help you find your personal North Star to follow.
You and I will speak twice a month 1-on-1 via private phone or Skype call to discuss your personal situation, challenges, and objectives.
Every conversation can cover a lot of ground, answer your prepared questions, and drill into specifics the way email and prerecorded video just cannot.
Speaking to a person who is a very careful listener and knows what questions to ask is enormously valuable.
This is where you can unlock the rare value of speaking to someone who has two decades of earning literally millions of dollars online using multiple business models and living all over the world on terms my wife and I deliberately engineered.

Save 20%

Self-Isolation has created more time in my personal schedule. So here’s the deal.
    • You can schedule two 30-minute phone consultations every calendar month
    • The cost is only $245 per month
    • You can cancel any time you want for any reason you want, without questions or stupid operational roadblocks
    • I can’t offer retroactive refunds on this because this is my personal time and it’s finite
    • I do guarantee you will come away from every single consultation feeling that you received huge value
This is my favorite and most dynamic element of our business. I always keep these consultations very affordably priced, and I’ve never offered a 20% discount before.
However I do not have many slots available. I think I can only accommodate about 20 8 more clients under this arrangement. Fortune favors the decisive!
I look forward to speaking with you! very soon!

Two consultation calls every month: $245/mo.
No commitment. Cancel any time for any reason.

Need More?

If you would like to make maximum progress with my help (and have the budget for it), right now I have space for TWO ONE MORE on the program below.

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