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Is The Freelance Model Best for You?

Is The Freelance Model Best for You?

The Freelance model has some special characteristics that makes it different from all of the other types of online business.
Imagine if the town you lived in – no matter where in the world it is – had a giant company that was always hiring. Imagine if you could visit the company 24/7 dressed in your pajamas and apply for work – and they always said ‘you’re hired.’
It gets better: Now suppose they asked you how much you wanted to be paid and if you said “$500 to $1,000 per month in my spare time” they’d tell you that was no problem and you can start today.
Or you said you need “$5,000 to $6,000 monthly” – and they’d still tell you they have immediate demand and you can start today.
Part time. Full time. Weekends. One week on, one week off. Every circumstance is acceptable.
Oh, and there’s 1.5 millions gigs posted right now – at just that one company, never mind at each of its competitors.
Pick a gig. Do the task. Get paid.
THAT’S what online freelancing offers.
In fact, it can be so lucrative that savvy freelancers find niches where they can specialize, create their own freelancing website, and build a regular clientele that keeps them as busy as they want, doing work they like.
If any of this resonates with you, you owe it to yourself to take a look at this model of online business.

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These Videos Have The Exact Information You Need

If you’ve been looking for truth, candor, and an objective explanation of how people are making money online and what type of business would be right for you, then you’ll want these new videos.
In each type of online business we tell you How it Operates, show you Variations & Examples, candidly discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages, What it Requires From You, and the Secrets to Success.
And we use our twenty years of experience to show you what’s behind the curtain in terms of how these businesses make money, get traffic, and flourish.
This is how you discover what type of online business is really best for you and your personality, skills, experience, and interests.
Freelance Model

VIDEO: How It Operates | Variations & Examples | Advantages | What It Requires From You | Disadvantages | Secrets To Success

FREELANCE MODEL (Also called ‘Gig Work’): This is the single fastest growing employment sector in North America, Europe, and Asia. For most people, it’s the #1 fastest way to start making money online.

It’s also the least expensive online business model to set up. In fact, it often cost exactly zero to get started and start earning. It’s not for everyone, but if you have the right mindset, temperament, and work ethic you can not only make good money, you can make great money.

Expert/Coaching/Consultiing Model

VIDEO: How It Operates | Variations & Examples | Advantages | What It Requires From You | Disadvantages | Secrets To Success

EXPERT MODEL (Also called Coaching or Consulting): This is the other fast track to online income – for people who have an existing skill, knowledge, or profession that permits them to find a ready clientele.

Even for the people who don’t easily see themselves as an ‘expert’ at anything, this model has the potential to find sub-niches where your life experience can be monetized. It can also be one of the most rewarding and satisfying models because you directly help clients or customers.

E-Commerce Model

VIDEO: How It Operates | Variations & Examples | Advantages | What It Requires From You | Disadvantages | Secrets To Success

ECOMMERCE MODEL (Including Dropshipping): This type of business was already growing at a stellar rate – then the pandemic hit and it saw ten years of adoption occur in four months. Now more than ever, millions of people are shopping and buying online because they’ve learned how easy and convenient it is.

This model also has the advantage of allowing an owner to stay in the background and not be the face of the business. Nice for introverts.

Affiliate Model

VIDEO: How It Operates | Variations & Examples | Advantages | What It Requires From You | Disadvantages | Secrets To Success

AFFILIATE MODEL (Also called ‘Passive Income’): This is an easy model to understand because it’s actually been used for centuries. It can be very lucrative and it can scale into the stratosphere using outsourcing.

However the term ‘passive income’ is a bit misleading – this type of business requires just as much work as any of the others. But this is another place where the owner can be virtually anonymous and have no contact with customers because there really are no customers.

Marketplace Influencer Community Model

VIDEO: How It Operates | Variations & Examples | Advantages | What It Requires From You | Disadvantages | Secrets To Success

MARKETPLACE MODEL (Also called ‘Influencer’ or ‘Community’): This model takes full advantage of one of the most powerful aspects of the online world – the ability to drawn people together despite physical distance.

When you can combine that aspect with building a marketplace or community with a focus on something you personally value and want to be part of, it can be the best opportunity you’ll ever get to immerse yourself in what you define as your dream life.

Membership Model

VIDEO: How It Operates | Variations & Examples | Advantages | What It Requires From You | Disadvantages | Secrets To Success

MEMBERSHIP MODEL (Also called ‘Recurring Revenue’ Model): Often a hybrid of two or more of these models, Membership can deliver all of the advantages of most others and combine them with the peace of mind that comes from recurring billings for an ongoing value you create.

It’s also another opportunity to create a business centered around something meaningful and fulfilling to you personally. By focusing on a tight sub-sub-niche, it can be possible to make a very nice income from just a few hundred members.

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