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If You Didn’t Have to Answer to Anyone

I think this Harley Davidson ad from 1993 is one of the best ads ever created.


Look at that image!

It really taps into something that all of us have thought about at some point in our lives. Because we all live with constraints.

Not that they aren’t often good restraints, like being married or having a family, but those things create limits on feeling totally free. When I had six kids to feed I wasn’t going to flee to the Yukon to become a bush pilot.

And 2020 certainly caused millions of people to re-examine their lives in terms of what’s important to them and what they really want.

The Rat Race has never looked more futile.

And more options have never been at hand. When I look at the cabin in that HD ad I think, ‘Yeah, if there’s an internet connection that’s all I’d need.’ And that’s literally true when you operate an online business. You could run a million dollar site from this cabin.

But you always answer to your customers. I’ve build and run several business models and one of the most liberating situations is when you sell an e-product that is relatively inexpensive, say $100 or less. When you have 3,000 customers a year that pay you $100 each it means you make $300,000 a year.

Which is nice.

But one of the best things is, even if you have an unreasonable, angry customer for some reason – you just refund his $100 and you move on. Problem solved. No drama. No energy drain.

Compare that to having an unreasonable, angry boss you have to be around every day who can pull the plug on all of your $300K!

Not to mention all the unreasonable, angry people you might have to work with or have for clients year after year.

There is a better way.

There’s both flexibility and simplicity in owning your own online business and having a portable income.

So you can live in Colorado in the Harley cabin in the photo, or a condo overlooking the Caribbean Sea, or a flat in London. Then next year do something else if you want.

The possibilities are amazing. You can build your lifestyle from a clean sheet a paper when you use online income as your foundation.

But the one person we’ll always need to answer to is ourself; why aren’t you creating the life you want for yourself?

If 2020 can’t make us all ask that question I don’t know what can.

If you need some help getting started, I’m here.



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