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How I Made My First Million Online 15 Years Ago – and Why it Still Works

An online business is fundamentally just like any other business. Except way better.

At least it’s way better if you value your personal freedom and your ability to live your life on your own terms. But I’ll get to that in a moment.

Back in 2001 I was fascinated by the emergence of the Internet and the opportunities it was creating. One day, I read about a new thing called an e-book. It seemed brilliant. Not only was an e-book the most portable book ever, it also cost virtually nothing to ‘print, ‘ anybody in the world could write one, and anybody in the world could buy it and start reading it one minute later.

So I created an ebook about something I knew a lot about; how to lift weights and build muscle in a very efficient, effective way that involved mathematical measurement of objective progress. Some people loved that approach. Many thousands of people, in fact.

Within a couple of years the online sales of that e-book exceeded one million dollars. Then two million. Plus, I created other products and services that made even more money.

It’s never stopped.

Today, that same online business literally makes me money 365 days a year. You can see it here.

What’s the Trick?

I want to stress that there was nothing super special about my first e-book. It was about lifting weights. Bench presses, barbell curls, that sort of thing. I just told people a smart way to do it and an effective way to track their progress. Yet it made me more money than any job I’d ever had in the blue collar or white collar world.

There is no trick. People value information. When it’s well presented to the people who are searching for it they will very happily pay you for it.

And there are too many examples of profitable ideas to comprehensively list. My e-book could just have well been about:

Overcoming Anxiety
Getting Your Ex Back
Investing in Precious Metals
Woodworking Projects
Retiring in Mexico
Personal Coaching
Training Bloodhound Puppies
Writing Ad Copy
Natural Healing
Personal Finance
Weight Loss
Buying a Condo in Costa Rica
Business Consulting
Adoptees Finding Birth Parents
Raising Kids with ADHD
Solar and Wind Power Generation

There are literally thousands of examples proven to deliver substantial income

It Still Works!

In fact, it works better today than it did when I started 18 years ago. For one thing, the technologies are better. For another, the size of the online market is bigger, more affluent, and is the fastest growing major economy on the planet.

These days, e-books usually don’t make as much money as when I started. Instead, people make video courses about the same things. Or a webinar, or personal consultations, or memberships, or any of dozens of other tactics to deliver something of value to somebody who wants it.

That’s what every business has done for centuries – deliver something of value to someone who wants it.

The revolution is that today anyone, anywhere can build and operate an online business with a minuscule amount of capital compared to what it’s always cost to start a brick and mortar business. And the income from his or her business is completely portable, allowing them to live wherever in the world they choose and to greatly control their own destiny.

Here’s the Best Thing

If you want to start your own online business, I’ll help you, one-on-one. (I’m the big guy in the photo.)

On the phone, just you and me, no tricks or gimmicks.

Why would I do that?

Because I love doing it. I’m 60 years old and I’m at a point in life where I can basically live anywhere and do whatever I want. That girl in the photo is my wife. She and I raised six kids together and for the last ten years we have been traveling the world. (Including to that beach in Thailand.)

And the business I like the most is helping individuals build their personal freedom by owning and controlling their own source of portable income from whatever online business they want the most.

Of course, I don’t do it free, but it costs a fraction of what it’s worth. And I happen to know it’s virtually impossible to find one-on-one online business mentoring from a person who has already done it successfully for 18 years. (You can buy hundreds of videos, and even attend group seminars. But getting on the phone with the #1 guy any time you need him is not an option. Except with me.)

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