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Happiness is On Sale

Happiness is On Sale

Perhaps the greatest aspect of the online economy is that it allows people to live wherever they want and still make a nice income.

This is sometimes called ‘lifestyle arbitrage’ because you can make income from country A while paying expenses in country B.

Which brings me to this great article by Expensivity called, The Price of Happiness in Every Country.


Basically what they did was take the amount of income local populations say is enough for them to live a comfortable life and then convert that number to a standardized purchasing power stated in US dollars.

So while on average it takes $105K to feel comfortable in the United States, it only takes about $16K in Mexico or $29K in Thailand to feel like you have all you need.

And I can tell you that when an American can make that $105K online while he or she is living in Mexico, Thailand, or Belize ($23K) – you can live like a king!

In fact, you can cut that income in half and still live like a prince.

Hey, we all know that we should not tie our happiness to money – but we also know the crushing reality that money really is required to reach a certain level of physical and psychological comfort.

The truth is that happiness is on sale all over the world, and there are some real bargains for people who create a portable income.

Check out the full article here.


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