End the Needless Agony

End the Needless Agony

I have an interesting friend. I’ll call him Luke because that’s not his name.

Luke lives a big, interesting life. He’s an American who has lived in several states, Japan, and spent a lot of time in Europe.

He’s started several businesses. He’s worked in publishing, the music industry, has written books, and has celebrity friends and acquaintances whose names you would recognize.

Connie and I have been on some great motorcycles rides with Luke and we’ve spent many hours in each other’s homes talking about new business ideas and future adventures.

Luke and I spoke recently and he told me something that astonished him.

He went back to his hometown to visit his older sister and had a conversation with her and her husband that went like this:

Luke: “So what’s new with you guys?”

Sister: “Well, Costco built a big store in town a few years ago.” [If you don’t know, Costco is the second largest retailer in the world and operates membership-only warehouse style stores.]

Luke: “Yeah, Costco is a great store.”

Sister: “Well, we thought about it and talked it over for a couple of years, and we made a decision.”

Luke: “OK”

Sister: “We got a membership at Costco!”

A membership at Costco costs $60 for a year.

And this middle-class couple put it under a microscope, agonized, and discussed it for two years before being able to make their decision.

Luke was just flabbergasted. This was the absolute antithesis of his big, ‘say yes’ approach to life.

But it reminded me of something I see literally every day.

The #1 push-back I hear from people wanting to have their own online business is, “I can’t decide what business to start.”

And they usually tell me they’ve been in that situation for years. Sometimes as long as 10 years.

That microscopic agonizing is wildly disproportionate to the stakes involved.

My friend, you can start an online business for about what it costs to have a night out with dinner and drinks with a few friends. It’s less than a good flat screen TV.

It just makes no sense to delay for years. If I’d waited 10 years before starting my first online business it would have cost me well over a million dollars of lost income. (And I don’t mean in gross sales – I mean in lost net income for me and my family!)

There are literally thousand of proven, lucrative sub-sub-niches where small operations can thrive.

Very few of us would agonize for years over risking $60 on a Costco membership. The same principle applies to risking the small investment involved in starting your own source of portable income.

For your own sake, just decide to move forward today.


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