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Don’t Be This Guy #2: “I have nothing to offer anyone”

     “I Have Nothing to Offer Anyone”

It’s pretty common for people to get hung up on this point, sometimes for years.

They know they’d really like to have an online business but they don’t feel like they have any expertise or valuable experience that they can turn into a product or service.

They Are Probably Wrong

Anyone who’s lived for a few decades has a long list of skills, abilities, and experience that are valuable enough to enable a very nice living online.

Maybe they worked in Human Resources and know what to say and what not to say in a job interview. Maybe they bought a condo in Panama and spend a lot of time there and know about the pitfalls to avoid and the smart ways to proceed. Perhaps they lost a huge amount of unwanted weight and have a great story to tell.

A million different people are the repository of a million different life experiences, and many of those are very marketable.

If you even have an inkling about what you might be able to offer, you can easily verify your hunch it by searching Google to see whether others are already making money doing it. You might be shocked to see what’s happening in a niche you never knew existed.

And that’s just talking about experiences.

How about skills that you’ve developed and don’t even think about?

Connie and I work with a young woman who has a Master of Arts degree. I’m sure if she had a buck for every person who smirked over those six years and asked, “And what are you going to do with that after you graduate?” she wouldn’t need any job.

And like many graduates these days she walked out of university with five figures of debt and virtually no lucrative job prospects in her chosen area of study.

However, in earning that degree, she developed tremendous research skills, technical writing acumen, persuasive presentation of ideas, efficient organizational skills, and a relentless work ethic.

So she looked at what can be done with those skills online.

Long story short, for the last three years she’s created high-end articles for clients who require intelligent, researched content to satisfy the utterly massive demand for keyword-rich, search engine optimized, niche articles every single day.

Now her debts are gone and she’s closing in on six figures of reliable annual income while living on the other side of the world in her newly chosen idyllic home. All with a “useless arts degree.

Next she’s working on creating a how-to course to teach other graduate debt-slaves to do the same thing she did. That could push her to seven figures.

It Doesn’t Matter if They Are Right

But suppose the guy who says “I Have Nothing to Offer Anyone” is actually right. He has no special knowledge, experiences, or skills and certainly none that anyone would pay him for.

It actually doesn’t matter in the slightest! Because there are plenty of proven, profitable online business models that don’t require any of those. They don’t even require identifying yourself.

Affiliate marketing, drop shipping, deals sites, affinity sites for dog lovers, travel junkies, science geeks, and a thousand other niches.

We’ve all seen Facebook groups devoted to something like Dachshunds, cool cars, handmade knives, or whatever. Those sites have massive followings that enjoy the photos and videos.

But do you know the name of the man or woman making a great living behind the site? Is she 16 or 66? Does he live in your country or abroad? Did she attend an Ivy League university? Does he speak good English? Is she confined to a wheelchair? Is he actually a credentialed expert in Dachshunds?

Nobody cares. It’s irrelevant to the success of the business model.

These are people who simply show up for work everyday at their computer and complete the required steps to make their dream a reality.

That’s the only thing you need to be able to offer; the commitment to start and the willingness to keep chipping away at what needs to be done in order to make the life you want.


(If you are ready to break the impasse of procrastination, this will help.)