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Don’t Be This Guy – #1: “I’m Desperate!”

     “I’m Desperate!”

We speak to a lot of people about everything related getting your own source of online income. The honest reality is, there are thousands of ways and niches where virtually anyone can get a foothold and build a real business that will generate income for many years.

But there is no silver bullet that makes that happen in a few days, despite all the spam emails and ‘too good to be true’ offers you can find online.

The worst situation a person can be in happens when he or she knows they want and need to build some kind of online business . . . but they delay year after year, until some bad news hits them hard. A job layoff. Unexpected medical expenses. A divorce. Whatever.

From the desperation of their situation they say, “I’m in dire straits and financially drowning, how can I make some online money immediately?”

The Fastest Income Model

Setting up a personal coaching or consulting business is the short answer to this person’s problem.

This model would likely be the fastest path to substantial online income. (You can make a few hundred bucks a month using this method.)

It’s simple and easy to have a great-looking website up and running in two or three weeks (and that includes waiting for a pro to do your custom logo and graphics.) It’s a few hours work to have a payment method like PayPal set up to receive payments and deposit the money in your bank account.

But this model only works for perhaps 10% of people. First of all you need to be doing something in your 9-to-5 job that is very similar to what you’ll do online. That way you already have all the skills and experience you need to deliver value to your potential clients.

Secondly, to make online income immediately you need to have a pool of people you can quickly reach who are very likely to engage your service – likely people in the offline world who already know who you are.

Of course, over time you can use all the proven tactics of Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, influencer outreach, podcasting, webinars, and any of the dozens of tactics that drive the right people to your website/blog by the thousands.

But all of those initiatives take time. As solid and well-proven as those tactics are, they won’t work fast enough to deliver money before this month’s rent or mortgage payment is due.

Grasshopper and the Ant

This is a classic example of the fable of the Grasshopper and the Ant. Both knowing that Winter is coming, the ant works diligently to set aside food for the duration, while the grasshopper frolics the time away and when Winter comes he ends up emailing Pete & Connie saying, “I need immediate cash!”

See what I did there?

The moral of the fable is, of course, “To work today is to eat tomorrow” or “Beware of winter before it comes.”

And this is where 99% of the people reading this are right now. You can start right now being the ant, or you can keep rolling the dice on being the grasshopper.

Work for $0/hour

Here’s the secret weapon of the employed. They have the ability to work on the side for no pay! They can quietly and methodically build their online business in their spare time.

They don’t need to tell their friends. They don’t even need to tell family members. And they don’t need to work frantically with one eye on the calendar and the growing stack of unpaid bills.

They aren’t desperate, and they aren’t easy pickings for the hucksters who sell magic silver bullets.

Hey, there are billions of people on this planet who can’t afford to work for $0/hour. Those people need food today and they buy it with today’s income. Those of us not in that situation enjoy a massive advantage.

Use it! Use your advantage while you can. Start building your online business right now. Chip away at it. Work at your own pace. Leverage your massive, dormant asset of being able to work free now in exchange for steady income later!

100,000,000 Online Businesses are Coming

Nobody can predict the future, least of all me. But I’m persuaded by the folks who say there are still some very serious cracks in the economy that are not being systemically addressed.

Real income is not increasing for regular folks. Personal debt increases every year to new record levels, corporate debt increases every year, worldwide government debt increases every year, and central bankers have been holding their thumbs over the hose of interest rates for years.

Interest rates range from two percent to less than zero percent. The lowest rates in 5,000 years of recorded commerce. It’s all very unnatural and eventually the dam has to break.

What happens when interest rates finally triple? Nothing happy happens for we regular folks.

And let’s not get into the accelerating role of artificial intelligence and robotics in displacing common jobs.

I believe there are 100-million people who need an online business but don’t know it yet.

People with unprecedented student debt who are under-employed. Young families that can’t afford to pay for opportunities for their children. Parents who both work and still need to fund college educations or buy better medical insurance. Couples realizing they could live into their 80’s or 90’s and don’t have anything close to the nest egg they’d need to financially coast all those years.

All of these people need a supplemental income. They need many years of reliable cash flow. Online is the easiest, least risky place to create that income.

Start today, get ahead of the pack, and don’t be the guy caught out and desperate for immediate cash.