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Do You Realize How Valuable You Are Online?

Do You Realize How Valuable You Are Online?

What a lot of people don’t get about the online revolution is how it has leveled the playing field for regular people everywhere.

It’s leveled it by invoking the power of disintermediation, which is just a fancy way of saying it has removed the barriers and gatekeepers that used to block 99% of us from earning a living without the involvement of a very large company to employ us, which in turn relied on all of its customers, and was overseen by massive regulatory system that controlled everything and everybody.

In the online world that can all disappear – you and I can do business today, right this minute, and the money goes from my bank to your bank in seconds.

Even when I’m in Thailand and you’re in Key West, Florida.

That is unprecedented in thousands of years of human history. But you and I have this new power.

It’s almost miraculous and, honestly, I can understand why everyone isn’t trying to use this freedom.

People Will Happily Pay You For What You Know

There are hundreds of ways to make money online. The evidence is right there on your browser. Trillions of dollars of commerce that you can see for yourself.

One of those ways for you to make money online is to help people who would like to know something you know, or would like your help with something you can help them with.

You could:

The financial power of this is hard to believe. A course that only costs $100 and finds 1,000 customers a year – from the billion English speakers online – is worth $100,000 a year to you.

A membership community where people pay just $10/month makes you $5,000/month with only 500 members worldwide.

And there is nobody anywhere preventing you from doing this. It’s legal. It’s popular. It’s getting commonplace.

And it’s right there waiting for anyone who takes action to do it.

That’s the revolution.

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Regular People Can Live Like Royalty

When Connie and I travel around and meet people they hear our foreign accents and ask us how we are able to spend so much time wherever we are.

When we tell them we’ve been living all over the world for over ten years since our kids grew up they assume that we’re very rich or we sold a software company for a fortune, or whatever.

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This year we're living near Galway, Ireland.
>>> This year we're living near Galway, Ireland.

But we tell them the truth. We just work online.

We have online businesses that provide all the money we need so we can live wherever we want and make the same money as we would stuck in a 9-to-5 cubicle job or even in a C-suite career.

And the reality is, if we want to double our income next year it is 100% under our control. If we do more work (or find ways to work smarter) we’ll make more money.

There’s deep satisfaction in that; help more people = make more income.

I wish everyone could live like this.

I’ve never met a person my age who doesn’t have knowledge, experience, or a passion that could be turned into online income.
If you want help turning your knowledge into online income, Connie and I are already set up to help you with your own book, or a course, or to speak with you privately about any ideas you’ve been thinking about.
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