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A Curated List Of The Best Websites For Remote Jobs for 2022

Best websites for remote jobs

Best Websites for Remote Jobs for Graphic Designers

Remote Job Boards for Tech, IT and Developers

Specialty Remote Work Job Boards

General Freelance Remote Job Boards

Sometimes it’s hard to find entry level jobs when you’re just starting out and building your freelance business. As a new entrepreneur, those initial remote jobs not only give you the confidence to continue on your quest for freelance income they give you the clips for your portfolio and testimonials you’ll need when you create your own freelance website. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of the best websites for remote jobs. On these sites you’ll be able to find a steady stream of job opportunities. You’ll be able to work in your freelance niche and build a small list of clients that like your work.

Almost all of the job boards listings will contain work for remote positions so you can really start to get a feel for what it’s like to freelance from home or even what it might be like to live as a digital nomad if that’s your goal.

We’ve grouped the boards into categories so you can easily click through to the categories of remote job boards you’re interested in.

You may notice that this list may not contain job boards you’ve heard of. There are only 25 boards listed. I specifically left off low-quality job boards with a bad reputation so you don’t waste your time applying for jobs and working with companies that underpay. That being said, there are reputable freelance boards on this list that are good for beginners. The pay may not be as high but building your reputation and clips with quality companies is. So here’s our list of the 25 best websites for remote jobs.

Best Websites for Remote Jobs for Graphic Designers

Best websites for remote jobs for graphic designers99designs

My skills as a graphic designer start and end at knowing how to use Canva. But as an online business owner, I’ve had special designs created by the freelance graphic designers at 99designs many times and I recommend the company to my clients.

Work Where You’re Comfortable

99designs is unique because as a graphic design freelancer you can work in the design category you’re most comfortable in. Like designing book covers for authors? Great, you’re covered. If your goal is to be a branding and logo designer, 99designs works for that too. There are motion graphic designers, illustrators, graphic novel designers and more.

Who is it for? Beginner, intermediate and top level Graphic Designers

How do you make money? The client usually pays up front so you get paid from 99designs approximately 10 days after you’ve requested a payout.

Cost to freelancer: 99designs charges you a client introduction fee of 20%. If you continue to work with the client on future projects this fee is waived. They also charge a sliding scale platform fee of 5%,10%,15% for top level, mid level and entry level designers on each project.

So your best bet here to avoid fees for future projects is to work up to what they consider to be a top level designer and work with the same clients consistently.

If you need the basics on how to freelance we have a comprehensive beginner’s guide to the freelance business model that will be helpful to you.


Who is it for? Dribble is a job board and website for graphic designers

How do you make money? Click through the board and apply directly with the company

Cost to freelancer? Freelance pro subscriptions are $20/per month

Dribble allows you to apply for graphic design jobs that are full-time (no fee) or freelance which requires a Pro subscription to see and message the job poster.

Remote Job Boards for Tech, IT and Developers

Remote job boards for IT tech and developersAuthentic Jobs

Who is it for? Engineers, Designers and Developers

How do you make money? By applying for jobs listed on the website.

Cost to freelancer? None

Authentic Jobs is a simple job board that lets developers and designers apply for jobs directly on their site and also through the companies themselves.


They post jobs that are full-time, part-time, freelance and also internship positions.

Career Vault

Who is it for? DevOps, Marketing, Writing, Sales and Software

How do you make money? The board links directly to where the job is posted.

Cost to freelancer? None

This is a very easy-to-use job board that posts nearly 100% remote jobs from companies you’ve heard of.

You can toggle over to US only jobs and pick your category and your role level. So it doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or entry level there are thousands of postings available.


Who is it for? This board touts itself as a ‘tech talent’ job board.

How do you make money? Apply for positions available with the company advertising

Cost to freelancer? None

There are several resources on the platform available for learning and the jobs posted are a combination of remote and on location work. This is primarily a technical job board but there were positions available in sales, marketing and management for tech companies.

You do need to create an account at the website in order to apply for positions.


Who is it for? Freelancermap is primarily for engineers, developers and IT freelancers.

How do you make money? You have to set up a free account and apply for jobs and projects through the site.

Cost to freelancer? Their basic membership is free

This is a low volume job board that is IT specific so if that is where your skills lie, check them out.

Landing Jobs

Who is it for? This is a job board for engineers and other tech related jobs

How do you make money? Apply directly with companies hiring

Cost to freelancer? None

You need to sign up for a free account in order to apply for the jobs that are posted. The site has in person work in many European countries and a whole jobs section for remote only jobs.

We Work Remotely

Who is it for? Workers look for contract work, full or part-time

How do you make money? Apply directly with the company who is hiring

Cost to freelancer? None

Most of the jobs on We Work Remotely are tech related jobs. There are some administrative and digital marketing jobs available.

Specialty Remote Work Job Boards

Specialty remote work job boardsAmazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Who is it for? Anyone who wants to earn side income in their spare time

How do you make money? By completing short tasks and surveys

Cost to freelancer? None

Amazon Mechanical Turk has been around since 2005. It’s a jobsite used by researchers, marketers and businesses to recruit people willing to do short tasks for pay.

The Tasks are called HITs which stand for Human Intelligence Tasks.They can range from video ratings and surveys to categorizing, transcription and spreadsheet work. The work itself can be low-paying but you’re able to level-up after completing a certain amount of HITs. It can be a good time-filler while you’re waiting on something else.

The subreddit board is dedicated to MTurk and ways to optimize your income with them.

Translators Cafe

Who is it for? Linguists and translators looking for remote work

How do you make money? Message the poster to apply

Cost to freelancer? Free

Translators Cafe is more of a forum for job postings. You have to apply to be a member of the community before you’ll be able to contact posters looking for translators.


Who is it for? For anyone looking for side income

How do you make money? By giving feedback to companies

Cost to freelancer? None

Get paid $10 for every 20 minute test you complete. You must have a microphone and webcam as you will be testing products from companies.


Who is it for? Women who have left the workplace and wish to return to work

How do you make money? Apply directly with the companies posting jobs

Cost to freelancer? There is no cost to apply for jobs although their webinars, courses and consulting packages range from $99-$399 for a membership.

Apres touts itself as a website specifically for women returning to the workforce. They offer skills-bases courses and tutorials to help women ease into the workplace after time away.

The job board itself seems to be low-volume and directs you to the careers page of the company’s offer in most cases.

Pro Blogger

Who is it for? This board is mainly for beginner to intermediate writers and editors.

How do you make money? Apply directly with the company hiring

Cost to freelancer? None

Darren Rowse owns ProBlogger and charges job posters a $75 fee to help weed out scam postings.

Most of the job postings don’t have the hourly or project rate posted and can be low-paying. It’s a good board for beginners to get writing clips.

There are many jobs for writers and editors in the general remote boards but this one only includes writing and editing.

General Freelance Remote Job Boards

General freelance remote job boards100 Telecommute Jobs

Who is it for? The board has jobs listed in 152 categories.

How do you make money? The link to apply for the job is readily available.

Cost to freelancer: None

This is a low volume job board that has employee, flexible and freelance positions on offer. They cover a variety of categories from administrative to design to consulting.

There are legitimate jobs from real companies posted here but I also saw companies looking for people to apply in bulk for low-paying positions. It’s like an ad they run for new recruits constantly.

Business Talent Group

Who is it for? Independent Consultants in Business Development, Marketing, Technology, Finance, Human Resources

How do you make money? It’s unclear what the revenue share is between consultants and BTG but you can assume a share of your consulting billing will go to them.

Cost to freelancer? Unclear if there is a project fee but they do offer bonuses for bringing them projects.

If you’re in a full-time job and looking to consult on the side this site might be for you for if you’re ready to start consulting full-time have a look here. This site will require industry expertise and a substantial verifiable work history and educational background so it’s not for entry-level consultants.

Cloud Peeps

Who is it for? General freelancers beginner and intermediate

How do you make money? You apply for freelance jobs through CloudPeeps.

Cost to freelancer? Fee of $9 to $29/per month for access

Employers can post jobs for free. This is a general job board similar to Upwork. The big difference between the platforms is that CloudPeeps makes freelancers apply to work on the platform. I would recommend this board if you’re a newer freelancer. You will have to show portfolio items.

They have a limited number of countries where freelancers are supported due to their payment system by Stripe.

Dynamite Jobs

Who is it for? General job board from Virtual assistants to developers

How do you make money?

Cost to freelancer? Free to apply for jobs on their boards. Membership starts at $147 per quarter for their Dynamite Circle.

This job board allows you to click through to quality companies looking to hire remote workers for short and long projects.

Their paid membership is more of a community of entrepreneurs for networking and these entrepreneurs often post jobs to the main job board.


Who is it for? Beginner and Intermediate level freelancers

How do you make money? You’re paid by Fiverr two weeks after jobs are completed

Cost to freelancer? It’s free to post a gig but the platform takes twenty percent of funds earned.

Fiverr is a great board to use if you don’t want to spend time marketing yourself. You post what you’re willing to do as a gig and the Fiverr Marketplace shows the gig to interested buyers searching for what you’re selling.

They have recently introduced a Pro Fiverr level for advanced freelancers and these freelancers go through a vetting process of their professional freelance background.

Flex Jobs

Who is it for? People who need a flexible schedule or remote position.

How do you make money? Once you’re a member you can apply directly with the companies that are hiring.

Cost to freelancer? Membership starts at $15 per month or $50 for the year.

This is an extensive jobs site that vets each job posted. The have fortune 500 companies posting jobs regularly.

The website has a newsletter, several educational blog posts and webinars for freelancers and remote workers to help them get hired.


Who is it for? Is a job search platform for all categories and levels

How do you make money? You bid on jobs posted

Cost to freelancer? Freelancer takes a 20% fee from freelancers and a 15% fee from preferred freelancers.

Freelancer has been around for a long time. There are good reviews and bad reviews of this platform. At first glance I noticed many of the jobs posted tended to be lower paying so if you’re an intermediate level or high-level freelancer, skip this site. There are better job boards. If you’re new to freelancing, you may be able to get clips for your portfolio here.


Who is it for? Guru has job listings in all categories.

How do you make money? You bid for jobs that are posted.

Cost to freelancer? They have 4 levels of membership that range from free to $50 per month.

Guru also charges a project fee to workers that ranges from 5% to 9% per project depending on your level of membership.

Hub Staff Talent

Who is it for? General remote job board with many job categories covered

How do you make money? Sign up for a free account and apply for jobs

Cost to freelancer? Free

Hub Staff Talent is a full-service platform for remote work. Their projects range from development to business consulting and marketing.

Skip The Drive

Who is it for? This is a general board for tech, marketing and writing jobs.

How do you make money?You can apply directly to the company from Skip The Drive.

Cost to freelancer? Free

This is a simple, easy-to-use remote job board with a few resources to help remote workers track their job applications.


Who is it for? Beginner to advanced freelancers

How do you make money? You bid for projects and jobs that are posted

Cost to freelancer? Upwork charges 20% 10% 5% depending on project billings.

Upwork is a giant platform with jobs posted that are hourly and project based.

Working Nomads

Who is it for? This is a general job board that companies use to post remote positions in all categories.

How do you make money? You can apply directly to the company posting

Cost to freelancer? None

You can set up job alerts on a daily and weekly basis for your industry by creating a free account with Working Nomads.

That’s my list of the best websites for remote jobs!

If you’re just getting started and need a primer on freelancing in the gig economy check out this guide we created: A Beginner’s Guide: What is Freelancing in the Gig Economy?


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