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We are Pete Sisco and Connie Brentford. We’ve been married many happy years and have six grown kids.

Way back in the late 90’s we discovered the potential of making a living online. By 2006 our kids were mostly grown and we began to deliberately live life on our terms. At first we traveled with our kids, moving from the US to Canada, Mexico and Belize.

More recently we’ve lived in Asia and Europe. In fact, we pretty much live wherever we want for as long as we want. (Not saying that to impress you, just to impress upon you how much personal freedom is possible in the 21st century for regular, ordinary people like the two of us.)

We talked for many years about starting a site to mentor others. It comes after hundreds of conversations we’ve had on our travels from people we’ve met along the way who ask us how we are able to live the way we do.

The truth is there are just a few key secrets anybody needs to know to do the same as we have, and a little personalized advice can go a long way in helping someone. So we decided to operate a little business on the side (we’ve had other online businesses since 1996) where we can help anyone who wants to have their own portable income.

New technologies are permitting the little guy, the individual, to break free of the systems set up to keep him or her living in debt, worry and fear.

So we work with other people who also value personal freedom, financial independence, and living on their own terms.

Once you learn how to break free your life is never the same; it’s almost unimaginably wonderful. We want to help others break free. It’s as simple as that.

THAILAND: On the beach in Phuket. We try to get to Thailand every year and stay 1 to 4 months. Big favorite and you can see why.
Belize feels like home to us. We have more friends here than anywhere. Note the waves breaking on the barrier reef about 1/4 mile offshore. It's a paradise.
MEXICO: Cancun might have the most beautiful water color in the world. This was taken while we were living nearby on the island of Cozumel.
LAS VEGAS: For a family wedding.
BELIZE: Being flown to a small island called Ambergris Caye in a small plane.
BELIZE: This is why it's worth flying in a small plane. This beach table was Connie's and my office for five months. Yes, that's a gin & tonic. Yes, that's a hammock behind her.
LAS VEGAS: Giving a presentation at the 'Passport to Freedom' conference.
FRANCE: Connie in Paris.
MALAYSIA: Wonderful sights and incredible food in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.
SPAIN: We lived three months overlooking the 8th tee of this wonderful golf course. Cost a pittance. Seriously.
Exploring an island in Belize with our daughter.
Had cervezas with these three sons while they were living in Cozumel, Mexico for a few months. After this, one went to Spain, one to Canada, and one to China.
Our expat daughter flew up from Ethiopia to spend a few days with us in London and Blackpool.
A hot night in one of the most photogenic cities in the world - Hong Kong.
We rented a Harley and did 1,200 Florida miles, including the Overseas Highway down to Key West and back. Just awesome. If you ever get the chance . . .
Key West is a fun town if ever there was one.
We're big movie fans. My sons and I did a parody shot from Reservoir Dogs. Just for a laugh.

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