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3 New ‘Essentials’ Videos

3 New ‘Essentials’ Videos

Choosing Your Online Business

(21min:51sec) This will help you reframe the obstacle of going year after year knowing you want your own online business but not being able to decide what is right. Combined with the knowledge from the Six Fundamental Online Business Models this tutorial give you ways to break the impasse with confidence that you’re on the right path.

Sub-Sub-Niches:Your Secret Weapon

(8min:10sec) The online market is NOT saturated. In fact it’s barely out of the starting gate and that’s why it continues to grow faster than the economy of any country on earth and is now the #5 economy in the world. Best of all, one-person operations are flourishing inside well chosen sub-sub-niches that are under-served by the big players. These are where the little guy can comfortably make a great living without needing a big budget. This video will help you find your best niche.

Basic Keyword Research

(17min:10sec) SEO and keyword selection are giant subjects that overwhelm many beginners. But in the early stages you just need to know enough to make some basic good decisions. This video will show you how and where to get objective proof that your chosen niche is busy and making money. A handful of well chosen keywords is all you need to start the journey to your North Star.

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