1-on-1 Comprehensive Mentoring (Month-to-Month)

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Creating an online business that delivers reliable income is a major financial asset.
For example, when you have attracted just 500 people who will happily and eagerly pay you $100 each year, you have a financial asset that pays you $50,000 annually.
Importantly, in the case of an online businesses, this asset can be grown at a rate much higher than your local or national economy could ever be expected to grow.
And most critical of all, this is a marketplace you completely own and control and where every decision you make can be made without interference from anyone.
There are very few opportunities like that in the financial world.
The power of these conditions can’t be overstated; an online business is the proven method where your personal freedom and optimum lifestyle can be achieved.
To be candid, most people have almost no idea how much personal freedom is possible. We know because we used to live the same way everybody does; careers, long commutes, a mortgage, kids in school, car repairs, few holidays, relentless bills and all the other trappings of a rat race lifestyle.
Thanks to moving our sources of income from jobs to online businesses we own and control, we now live anywhere in the world we want.
We traveled with our kids when they were younger, we visit them on four continents now that they are adults.
We have lived in about a dozen countries so far. What we earn and what we spend are completely under our control. We also have no debt.
We make our own weekly schedule and every year is a blank slate for international travel, personal development, and spending time with our family.
Understanding how easily and systematically this can be achieved will provide enormous positive motivation to anyone wanting to live his or her own life on their own terms.
To that end, we offer a very special and highly personalized service to those who are serious about making steady progress and can afford our help.

There’s a Clear Path

Experience has shown us that virtually anyone can go from starting at zero to having cash flow within six months or less. So we offer to work with you for as long as it takes you.
There are proven, fundamental building blocks that need to be in place in order for any successful business to thrive and to be sustainable. Online businesses are no different in this regard.
Creating an enduring and resilient stream of income that will last many years is an undertaking that requires careful consideration and planning of these fundamental elements.
The best way to do that planning and lay the foundation and direction for your business is to work 1-on-1 with someone who can listen to your circumstances and ask you the questions you need to answer in order to have a perfect vision of what you are building.
And the reality is that many very specific questions come up along the way. Questions where you can’t get deep answers in the general information available online.
These are some that come up very early in the process:
  • What’s the right business model for YOUR strengths, personality, and desires?
  • What lifestyle are you trying to create for yourself?
  • What are the top problems that YOUR ideal clients or customers would be dealing with?
  • What solution(s) can you offer that will distinguish YOU from others?
  • What will be the tone and ‘voice’ of YOUR content and the product or service you are selling?
  • There are dozens of these issues.
The answers to those and other questions will inform most of what comes next, such as:
  • the niche and sub-niche you choose
  • the look and feel of your website
  • the “story” that you tell your market (a story that must be 100% true, by the way)
  • how and where you build your audience
  • the price of your product/service
  • and dozens of other decisions
And along that path you’ll have many other questions. “What should my email funnel say?” “How do I know what content my audience wants?” “What should I say on my ‘About’ page?”
Fortunately, each important step can be broken down into bite-size pieces that follow a logical order and prevent being overwhelmed.
And our mentoring is tailored to accommodate busy people with hectic, uneven schedules.
We will be available on an unlimited basis via email.
You will also be able to schedule weekly phone consultations that will help give you very specific goals and accountability.
We do not offer a canned business we expect people to adopt – we listen to what your ideal situation would be and find a way to craft an enterprise that will be exciting and rewarding for you to operate profitably for years.
This is also not a program where we’ve have trained others to answer your questions and assist you, or where you work from any template. Those offerings have their place, but the gold standard for learning something like this is one-on-one mentoring.

If you can find it…

Because it doesn’t scale to thousands of students simultaneously, most people in our position never adopt 1-on-1 contact as a business model.
But we have different priorities.
We have our own reasons for building our own network of successful people who live on their own terms. This is one of the ways we develop and expand our own, personal network.
We want to help people who will become future colleagues, and hopefully, even friends. We want to connect all of the people we work with in ways that deliver ongoing value to everyone in our private community.
The potential power of this over a decade or two is hard to estimate but certain to be substantial and rewarding. Our clients are people we enjoy knowing and enjoy working with.
We can afford to forgo other, more scalable and lucrative, business models in favor of what we really want.
Frankly, there is nothing better than being able to work directly with two people who have already spent more than a decade learning the path and engineering an optimum lifestyle of personal freedom via substantial online income from various methods.
As a practical matter, this direct coaching arrangement has limits, as we can only work with a discrete number of people at one time and it is inevitable that the price will need to increase as more people learn about this opportunity. (All clients are ‘grandfathered’ into the program at their starting rate and protected from price increases.)
This is exciting and engaging work for us. That’s why we do it.
We hope to speak with you soon.

First Tell Us About You

If all of this is what you’ve been looking for all these years, we have 17 questions for you.
You can request them below and they’ll be sent to you within minutes.
Take all the time you need to answer them.
We will read every word you send us and well reply within 48 hours.
If we mutually agree that we’re a good fit and that we can help you, we’ll let you know how soon we can work with you to move forward with your desire to Safely Leave The Rat Race.
Request our 17 questions and they will be sent immediately.

Once we mutually agree to proceed, you can pay below:

    • The cost is only $699/mo.

    • This is a recurring billing for whatever length of time you need.

    • You can stop the billing at any time for any reason.

    • You can re-start the billing when your schedule permits.

    • This is the most fair, flexible program we can design to give you maximum coaching and consulting. It’s intended to give you what you need, as you need it, without any additional or unnecessary expense.

Month to Month Comprehensive 1-on-1 Mentoring

Close Contact From Zero to Cashflow.
Monthly Until You Cancel.
Only $699/month.